Dyson Lightcycleᵀᴹ task light – features – Dyson

Powerful light precisely where you need it.

"For over a decade, we’ve been developing lighting technology that doesn't quickly deteriorate or burn out."

Jake Dyson, Chief Lighting Engineer

Heat Pipe cooling technology.

Maintains light quality for 60 years.34 

When LEDs overheat, they can fade and discolour. Dyson engineers addressed this with technology often used in satellites. A vacuum-sealed copper tube draws heat away. Inside, a drop of water evaporates, dissipating heat along the pipe as it condenses, before returning to the LEDs by capillary action. It provides a non-stop, energy-free cooling cycle.

Dyson daylight algorithm. Tracks
daylight anywhere, anytime.

Daylight constantly changes – and it varies in different locations. We developed a unique time, date and GPS-driven algorithm to calculate the colour temperature and brightness of daylight, anywhere in the world. Software validation was supported by data selected from over a million atmospheric measurements.

Intelligent optical head.
urns data into dynamic light.

A 32-bit microprocessor continually interprets daylight data, communicating it to the optical driver for dynamic colour tuning. The three warm and three cool LEDs simulate daylight colour temperatures from 2700-6500 kelvin. And with a colour rendering index over 90, the light displays colours very close to daylight.

Colour-mixing chamber.
Creates a uniform pool of high-quality light.

A heptagonal reflector split by a layer of PMMA diffusion film evenly mixes light and helps create a single light source for high shadow quality. The lower reflector is engineered to protect eyes from glare and focus light for a pool of uniform illumination (0.7 uniformity).

The Dyson Link app.37
Personalises light output.

The Dyson Link app continually communicates data to the light's MCU for dynamic colour tuning – from local daylight data every 60 seconds, to manually inputted information that enables more precise and personalised light settings.