DC74 Motorhead Complete

The soft roller vacuum. Removes 98% of dust from hard floors and crevices.*

The conventional cleaner head has been re-invented. Instead of a conventional brush bar with bristles, the Dyson Fluffyâ„¢ vacuum uses a larger roller covered in soft woven nylon. It rolls over large debris, trapping it in the nylon fibres, whilst anti-static carbon fibre filaments remove fine dust. A direct-drive motor sits within the roller, allowing full-width, edge to edge cleaning.

DC74 Motorhead Complete
  • 2 Year guarantee

Soft roller cleaner head

Soft roller cleaner head

Unique cleaner head construction. Full-width roller covered in soft woven nylon, with rows of anti-static carbon fibre filaments. Engineered to enable simultaneous fine dust and large particle pick-up across all floor types.

DC74 Motorhead Complete features

  • Soft roller cleaner head
  • Dyson digital motor V6
  • 2 Tier Radial™ cyclones
  • 20 minutes of powerful suction
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